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What is Tamil Vidukathai with Answer PDF 30 and Why You Should Try It

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Tamilvidukathaiwithanswerpdf30: A Book of Riddles and Puzzles in Tamil Language

Tamilvidukathaiwithanswerpdf30 is a book that contains 30 riddles and puzzles in Tamil language. These riddles and puzzles are also known as Vidukathaigal or Vidukathai in Tamil. They are a form of wordplay that involves hiding a meaning or a clue within a sentence or a phrase. The reader has to use their logic, knowledge and creativity to find the hidden meaning or the clue and solve the riddle or the puzzle.

Tamilvidukathaiwithanswerpdf30 is a fun and challenging book that can test your brain power and improve your Tamil language skills. It can also entertain you and make you laugh with its witty and humorous riddles and puzzles. You can enjoy this book alone or with your friends and family. You can also use this book as a learning tool to teach or learn Tamil language.

What are the Benefits of Tamilvidukathaiwithanswerpdf30?

Tamilvidukathaiwithanswerpdf30 has many benefits for its readers. Some of them are:

  • It can enhance your cognitive abilities such as memory, concentration, reasoning, problem-solving, etc.

  • It can improve your vocabulary, grammar, spelling, pronunciation, etc. of Tamil language.

  • It can stimulate your creativity and imagination by making you think out of the box.

  • It can increase your general knowledge and cultural awareness by exposing you to various topics and facts.

  • It can reduce your stress and boredom by providing you with fun and entertainment.

  • It can foster your social skills and bonding by encouraging you to share and discuss the riddles and puzzles with others.

What are the Types of Tamilvidukathaiwithanswerpdf30?

Tamilvidukathaiwithanswerpdf30 contains different types of riddles and puzzles that cater to different tastes and preferences of the readers. Some of the types are:

  • Logical Riddles: These are riddles that require you to use your logic and common sense to find the answer. For example: என்ன கீழ பட்டல் நன் உடந்த வடவன்.. என்ன பர்த்த சரத்தல் நன் உங்களப் பர்த்த சரப்பன் நன் யர்? (Answer: கண்ணட)

  • Lateral Thinking Riddles: These are riddles that require you to think creatively and differently to find the answer. For example: மடயம் இல்லத, மகத்தலம் இல்லத தட அத எத? (Answer: கத்தட)

Funny Riddles: These are riddles that have humorous or absurd answers that make you laugh. For example: உள்ள இரந்த ஓ

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What is Tamilvidukathaiwithanswerpdf30?

Tamilvidukathaiwithanswerpdf30 is a book that contains 30 riddles and puzzles in Tamil language with answers and explanations. The book is suitable for people of all ages who love to test their brain and have fun with words. The book covers various topics such as science, nature, animals, culture, history, etc. The book also has colorful illustrations and attractive design that make it more appealing to the readers.

What are the Benefits of Reading Tamilvidukathaiwithanswerpdf30?

Reading Tamilvidukathaiwithanswerpdf30 can provide many benefits for the readers such as:

  • Improving language skills: Reading riddles and puzzles can help to improve one's vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and comprehension skills in Tamil language. It can also help to learn new words and facts from different domains of knowledge.

  • Enhancing cognitive abilities: Reading riddles and puzzles can help to enhance one's logical thinking, problem-solving, memory, concentration, and creativity skills. It can also help to develop one's analytical and lateral thinking abilities.

  • Increasing fun and entertainment: Reading riddles and puzzles can help to increase one's fun and entertainment quotient. It can also help to relieve stress, boredom, and anxiety by providing a mental challenge and a sense of achievement.

  • Promoting social interaction: Reading riddles and puzzles can help to promote social interaction among friends, family, and peers. It can also help to foster a healthy competition and cooperation among the readers.

Tamil vidukathai with answer pdf 30 is a collection of 30 riddles in Tamil language with their answers in PDF format. Vidukathai are puzzles that describe an object or a concept in two lines, and challenge the reader to guess what it is. Vidukathai are popular among Tamil people of all ages, as they stimulate the brain and enhance the vocabulary. Vidukathai can be based on various topics, such as science, nature, culture, history, literature, etc.

Some examples of vidukathai from the PDF are:

- கீழ பட்டல் மல வரம் மல பட்டல் கீழ வரம் அத என்ன? (If you put it down, it goes up. If you put it up, it goes down. What is it?)

- வட: பரயம் (Answer: A balloon)

- உயர் இல்லத நீதபதயடம் ஒழங்கன நயயம் அத என்ன? (A fair justice from a lifeless judge. What is it?)

- வட: தரச (Answer: A balance scale)

- உள்ள இரந்த வளய வரக்கம் அத, வளயல் இரந்த உள்ள வரக்கம் அத. (It splits from inside to outside, and from outside to inside. What is it?)

- வட: பல (Answer: A tiger)

The PDF contains 30 such vidukathai with their answers, along with some illustrations and explanations. The PDF can be downloaded from the link below:

[**Download Tamil Vidukathai With Answer PDF 30**](

I hope you enjoy reading and solving these vidukathai. If you want more vidukathai in Tamil, you can check out these websites:




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